We ensure your well-being

In our hotel, we personally attend to your accommodation in a welcoming atmosphere. We ensure that you have a personal concierge contact to enthusiastically attend to your well-being.

Rolf Trechsel

He studied history and worked as a journalist and head of communications. He is now a professional hotelier committed with heart and soul and coordinates the business as co-owner. Professional communication is his ambition. He can usually be found at the reception desk.

Christian Stampfli

The second co-owner altered his career as former Chef de Service and Head of accounting and finance. In addition to handling the finances, he also works at the reception desk and can be found at the breakfast service.

Judith Knuchel

Judith Knuchel is the hotel’s management secretary and language teacher. She loves interaction with people from different cultures – at the reception desk, in class and when travelling around the world.

Franziska Kopp-Rufer

Franziska Kopp-Rufer is our new breakfast cook. She is not only well-versed in languages and service, but also contributes to a cosy ambience in the hotel thanks to her artistic talent.

Sandra Tumbas

Sandra Tumbas has rich experience in custodial room-care and home economics. She and the other dynamic room service* employees attend to the immediate removal of every single speck of dust.

Andreas Bösch

During the week, as an accountant, Andreas Bösch is mainly dealing with figures. Interacting with guests during breakfast on Saturday makes for a welcome change. He brings you boiled eggs and a good mood.

*Ajantha Ramasamy-Veluppillaie, Vini Karunamorthy

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